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Airplane flying - blue sky

Plane photography in Amsterdam

A few weeks ago I realized that I haven’t used my 70-300 lens in a while, and inspired by the awesome shots I took during my Scotland trip, I decided to dust off my baby and find a new project.

As I was contemplating what could be my next subject I looked up and saw the sky full of airplane trails. Living in Amsterdam, that is quite familiar scene, boring even, but that day it was an inspiration: PLANES!!! Yes, why didn’t I think about that before? I live close enough to Schiphol to get some really cool shots.

So I took my old Canon 450d, my zoom lens and my bike and went to spot where I remembered seeing a plane flying above me one day.

You can see the result below. For a funny story keep on reading.

My first stop was on a bench close by the Amstel Park, on the river Amstel. As I extended my lens to a full 300 zoom, people passing by looked with an immense envy at my black, long, fully extended thing :)). Feeling the stares in my back and seeing that I could not get the angle I wanted, I decide to go a bit farther, at the very end of the Amstel Park, right next to the roundabout. Here I was much closer to the planes but still not the angle I wanted so I decide to go about 500 m farther down the road.

This place was amazing. I was able to see the planes preparing for landing from far away and I had a great view as the planes were coming full speed towards me, flying right above me and then continuing towards Schiphol. So I stated taking pictures like a crazy person. I was following every plane from far away until it disappeared over the trees next to the airport.

And here comes the funny part. Not even 5 minutes into my photoshoot a police car stops 2 meters away from me, one the other side of the road. The policemen get down of the car, they measure me from head to toes, and then they casually light a cigarette, while watching me taking photos.

After they silently agreed I am just a hipster with green skinny jeans, thick black frames and a weird passion for planes, they jumped back in the car and drove into the sunset. They didn’t say a word, just stared at me while I was taking photos. So yeah… for a moment there I was a suspect and a bit worried they would start questioning me.

To be honest I am glad they did that. I am happy to know people tip the police of when they see something suspect, the police comes really fast and they don’t act like assholes.

All in all good story to tell my friends. And pretty cool photos for the first time.

And a map with where I took the photos.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 22.05.13