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Clicks are the new currency

In the today’s world clicks are like money. Clicks have value. Clicks = dollars. Clicks = euros. Clicks = whatever currency you can think of. 

How did that happen?

You might have noticed that most of the Internet today is free. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, online newspapers, blogs, you name it. These are free in the sense that you don’t have to give them money in return for their services, but you do end up paying them with your clicks.

When you click on a link these websites have your attention and while their have your attention they can sell you other things via online ads. This means that every time you go on a website you generate value for them. They can sell your attention o people that want to promote their products.

So every time you spend time using an online service/blog/site that uses ads as revenue source you indirectly pay them their salary. Your time and attention is what keeps them alive. With every click, with second you spend on a website you basically give them money to continue what they do.

And because we live in the time of social media, most of the times we don’t stop with a click, we also share what we see. So … not only we give them value by clicking but we bring other people to their website. We basically trick our friends to pay as well.

Our clicks give websites the money to exist.

We have the power to shape the media and the world. Next time you click on link ask yourself if you want to support them. If you want a better world click on better links.

I had the idea for this post for a while now, but it was not fully crystalized. However, after seeing the movie below I finally got it.

I recommend watching Sally Kohn’s TED talk.  You will understand better your own power in today’s online world.

Photo by Philip Taylor

League Of legends World championship

I can’t believe eSport exists

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an awesome thing but I just simply can’t believe this is a sport.

Why? Maybe because this is a movement younger than the iPhone? The first ever World Championship was held in 2011, at Dreamhack in Sweden and featured a US$100,000 tournament prize pool and a $50,000 champion prize.  After this, in the second season the tournament prize pool was increased to more than $2 million and champion prize was increased to $1,000,000. [source]

Sorry what? 1 Million dollars for playing a game! You have to be the best in the world of course, but still. I bet all the parents feel a bit silly just about now.

Oh, and at this point you might wonder how is this all possible? I’ll tell you. This is eSport thingy is extremely popular. Millions of people tune in every day to watch other people playing. During the Season 2 World Championship 8.2 million viewers tuned in to the World Championship broadcast with a maximum of 1.1 million concurrent viewers, making the Season 2 World Championship the most watched eSports event in history at the time.  8.2 million people!!

League Of Legends World Championships

I just saw this documentary about the LOL (League of Legends) and it’s amazing. I recommend speeding 30 min watching this. I bet you will find the entire eSport movement simply incredible.

And below you cane see how the World Championship looks like.  #Insane


Ce muzica asculti?

“- Pai… ascult Lounge, ChillOut, Muzica classica, poate rock din cand in cand si muzica de fanfara, asta mai ales de cand sunt plecat.
– Aha. Tare si ce anume asculti, ce formatii, melodii? Ce imi recomanzi?
– Hmm.. stai sa ma gandesc un pic. Niste nume care imi vin in minte sunt Chopin, Disturbed, Fanfara Ciorcarlia dar daca ma intrebi piesele habar nu am…”

Cam asa s-ar derula o discutie despre muzica cu mine . De curand am realizat ca de cand am renuntat la casete, CD-uri si piese luate de pe DC++ nu mai stiu exact ce ascult. De mult, cand aveam access doar la casete, cu 8 melodi puteam sa iti recit ce artisti si ce melodi sunt pe fiecare caseta. Asta era posibil din cauza numarului limitat de melodii la care aveam acces.

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Social Media:5 Sfaturi esentiale! Studiu de caz: Dumitru Oprea


Dupa un an de lucrat in Social Media am invatat cateva trucruri despre cum poti sa iti consolidezi prezenta in Online.

Unele sfaturi/sugestii sunt atat usor de intuit incat mi se pare ca oricine sa poata sa puna mana pe un calculator conectat la net si sa se integreze perfect in tot jocul online. Insa experienta m-a invatat ca de multe ori nu este asa.

Pentru ca de curand am dat din greaseala peste pagina de Facebook a lui Dumitru Oprea, m-am gandit sa va imparatsesc gandurile mele despre prezenta sa online si cateva sfaturi despre cum poate fi imbunatatita.

Sunt de apreciat primii pasi pe care i-a facut in aceatsa directie. Situatia actuala din cate am descoperit eu:

Partile bune pana acum:

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Great Reward!

Sunt foarte bucuros…

Primul meu loc de munca mi-a adus o satisfactie enorma, sa lucrez in Social Media, era nu demult doar un vis pentru mine.

Astazi am primit newsletter-ul Vator.tv, o retea sociala destinata Start-up-urilor internationale, unde de ceva vreme fac eforturi sa maresc lista de contacte a companie pentru care lucrez si sa cresc vizibilitatea acesteia.

In aceasta editie a newsletter-ului, citita de antreprenori din toate colturile lumii, sunt recunoscute si eforturile mele zilnice de aduce continut nou folosind platforma de microblogging a Vator.tv.

Curiosi? click pe screenshot -ul de mai jos sau puteti accesa newsletterul Vator.tv.

This is so great! I like my reward!