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Grain of Salt

In Business Development take everything with a grain of salt

The more I collaborate with the business development team, the more I understand that as a buyer, one needs to be careful about what he agrees on.

Usually, I see things only from our perspective, the company that slightly exaggerates in its promise whenever selling something to a customer. Well, maybe not exaggerating, but making a donut look a lot like a wedding cake.

However, in business development there are always at least two parties that have an interest in the deal. This means you never know whose wedding cake is actually a donut; and that can happen even when you least expect it.

I can’t really talk about what made me write this post but I can talk about numbers out of context.

Imagine you told me that there are virtually 10.000 units to which we can provide our service and after we sign the agreement (an agreement that doesn’t specify that number). Once it’s signed you tell me that I misunderstood it, what you said is that the plan is to get to 10.000 units, but for now there are only 400 units.

While for me that is borderline frustrating and I am not sure I could be on either of the sides for too long, for some is just the way life goes.

Anyway, the key learning point is to always be extremely inquisitive before you go into an agreement and put stuff on paper.

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Personal branding in online


Acum ceva timp vorbeam cu Dani despre blogului lui si despre faptul ca scrie de multe ori in engleza, iar majoritatea articolelor sunt despre Marketing, domeniu in care isi doreste sa gaseasca un job.

Acesta mi se pare un bun exemplu de personal branding in online. De ce?

Ei bine, Dani locuieste in Amsterdam iar jobul pe care il cauta e unul in limba engleza si pe marketing. Si cum in zilele noastre multi angajatori cauta pe net informatii despre candidati inainte de a vorbi cu ei, sunt convins ca bunul meu prieten va avea un atu in momentul aplicarii.

Care sunt avantajele lui importriva altora? Prin blogul lui arata ca:

  • este pro-activ
  • pasionat de marketing
  • are spirit de analiza si sinteza prin faptul ca extrage esenta cartilor in 1-2 paragrafe

Personal branding inseamna cat de bine te vinzi, ce imagine iti faci in ochii celorlalti, iar cum ochii sunt orientati pe online, personal branding devine un lucru foarte usor de facut.

Concluzie: Daca vrei sa te angajezi intr-un anumit domeniu, un blog dedicat acelui domeniu iti poate oferi o sansa in plus la interviu.

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