One Reply To All and you are f###ed

I cannot stress this enough: be careful what you write in an email. You might think that the conversation is between you and your colleague, but all it takes is an accidental Reply To All or an innocent Forward and your “private conversation” is not so private anymore.

I still remember the first time I intercepted this private and incredibly long chain of emails going back and forth between the MT. I asked for some info regarding a project I was working on and one of the managers forward me a decision made at the end of a long exchange of emails;  much longer than I imagined and much richer than I imagined.

Here are my tips for writing appropriate emails:

  • Assume the conversation is public and all people you mention in the email will see the message at one point.
  • Be clear. Whenever you summarize a point or want something done, be as specific as you can.  Don’t leave room for interpretation.
  •  Write a descriptive title. It’s so much easier to find an old email with a good title.
  • Always double check if you Reply to All or what info do you Forward to someone.

Did you ever experience this? If so, do you have any tips for me?

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