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FBI has a fully functional facial recognition system

I just read on The Verge that FBI finally got its new toy: a brand new facial recognition system.  The official name for this is Next Generation Identification (NGI) and it has been in the works for over 3 years according… or so they say. To be honest I think it was in the works for more but some didn’t know.  Or at least I hope. I can’t imagine that it only took 3 years to have this fully functional.

Anyway, I was thinking what would happen when the system will indicate a false positive, a doppelganger, or someone just looks like another person?

I mean, look at this poor fella. He is a Russian plumber that looks like House. I can totally see the system mistake one for the other.


Imagine you being the doppelganger of a fugitive. How will they treat you when the system will flag some unsuspecting cop he has a super dangerous fugitive on his hands?? I can only hope that they won’t use excessive force. It’s not like these things don’t happen you know.

On the other hand it we could see more cases like this one.

I’ll leave you with …


Featured photo by James Cridland


Awesome Documentary: Terms and conditions may apply

I saw the “Terms and conditions may apply” movie yesterday and I think you should see it too. I really like how they built up the case for online privacy. They use facts to make us think about the implications losing our privacy and at the end of the movie they give some frightening real life examples of innocent people that have bullied by governments and big corporations.

I think this is a must see movie. Most of the people I asked if they are concerned with their online privacy consider that will not be affected by the fact that other people have access to their private information. They say that they have nothing to hide, that they are not that important and they are not afraid if people know what they do online. Until recently I thought pretty much the same…

The scary part is not that other people know what you do online, the scary part is that other people have access to your data but do not know the context.

Online privacy issues


There is a big difference between people knowing what you do online and having access to your data (Google searches, emails, Facebook posts, text messages, Facebook messages). The thing is that data without context can be interpreted in many ways. And keep in mind that this data can be and probably is stored forever. So if at one point somebody who does not agree with your views comes to power they
can profile you based on your past online activity. From there to being persecuted will be a small step. That I find very disturbing.

In this documentary there are a few frightening examples of how this massive surveillance is already being used. Do you know minority report and how “in the future“ police makes preemptive arrests based on the intention of someone… well that thing already happened.

Here is the “Terms and conditions may apply” documentary trailer.

How to protect your privacy?

Here is what I think you should do to protect your privacy.

  1. Be aware of it and understand the implications of other people having access to it
  2. Vote/support people that want to protect your online privacy
  3. As a last resort equip yourself to become more private
  • Use a VPN
  • Use browser privacy extensions like: Privacy Badger
  • Stay offline

I’ll end up this post with my favorite quote from this movie:

You have nothing to hide until you don’t

League Of legends World championship

I can’t believe eSport exists

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s an awesome thing but I just simply can’t believe this is a sport.

Why? Maybe because this is a movement younger than the iPhone? The first ever World Championship was held in 2011, at Dreamhack in Sweden and featured a US$100,000 tournament prize pool and a $50,000 champion prize.  After this, in the second season the tournament prize pool was increased to more than $2 million and champion prize was increased to $1,000,000. [source]

Sorry what? 1 Million dollars for playing a game! You have to be the best in the world of course, but still. I bet all the parents feel a bit silly just about now.

Oh, and at this point you might wonder how is this all possible? I’ll tell you. This is eSport thingy is extremely popular. Millions of people tune in every day to watch other people playing. During the Season 2 World Championship 8.2 million viewers tuned in to the World Championship broadcast with a maximum of 1.1 million concurrent viewers, making the Season 2 World Championship the most watched eSports event in history at the time.  8.2 million people!!

League Of Legends World Championships

I just saw this documentary about the LOL (League of Legends) and it’s amazing. I recommend speeding 30 min watching this. I bet you will find the entire eSport movement simply incredible.

And below you cane see how the World Championship looks like.  #Insane


Personal branding in online


Acum ceva timp vorbeam cu Dani despre blogului lui si despre faptul ca scrie de multe ori in engleza, iar majoritatea articolelor sunt despre Marketing, domeniu in care isi doreste sa gaseasca un job.

Acesta mi se pare un bun exemplu de personal branding in online. De ce?

Ei bine, Dani locuieste in Amsterdam iar jobul pe care il cauta e unul in limba engleza si pe marketing. Si cum in zilele noastre multi angajatori cauta pe net informatii despre candidati inainte de a vorbi cu ei, sunt convins ca bunul meu prieten va avea un atu in momentul aplicarii.

Care sunt avantajele lui importriva altora? Prin blogul lui arata ca:

  • este pro-activ
  • pasionat de marketing
  • are spirit de analiza si sinteza prin faptul ca extrage esenta cartilor in 1-2 paragrafe

Personal branding inseamna cat de bine te vinzi, ce imagine iti faci in ochii celorlalti, iar cum ochii sunt orientati pe online, personal branding devine un lucru foarte usor de facut.

Concluzie: Daca vrei sa te angajezi intr-un anumit domeniu, un blog dedicat acelui domeniu iti poate oferi o sansa in plus la interviu.

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8 Site-uri utile pentru cei abia ajunsi in Olanda

Olanda online

  1. –  pentru planificare calatoriilor cu sistemul de transport in comun
  2. – mersul trenurilor olandez
  3. - unul dintre cel mai mare lanturi de magazine alimentare din Olanda
  4. – stiri olandeze in engleza
  5. – camere si apartamente de inchiriat
  6. - site de licitatii de unde poti cumpara diverse lucruri si servicii
  7. – site de comparatie a preturilor de automobile
  8. Wikipedia – Netherlands – pagina de Wikipedia a Olandei
  9. – previziuni meteo pe urmatoarele ore. Vezi cu precizie cand ploua in urmatoarele ore.

Mersi @me again.

Ce muzica asculti?

“- Pai… ascult Lounge, ChillOut, Muzica classica, poate rock din cand in cand si muzica de fanfara, asta mai ales de cand sunt plecat.
– Aha. Tare si ce anume asculti, ce formatii, melodii? Ce imi recomanzi?
– Hmm.. stai sa ma gandesc un pic. Niste nume care imi vin in minte sunt Chopin, Disturbed, Fanfara Ciorcarlia dar daca ma intrebi piesele habar nu am…”

Cam asa s-ar derula o discutie despre muzica cu mine . De curand am realizat ca de cand am renuntat la casete, CD-uri si piese luate de pe DC++ nu mai stiu exact ce ascult. De mult, cand aveam access doar la casete, cu 8 melodi puteam sa iti recit ce artisti si ce melodi sunt pe fiecare caseta. Asta era posibil din cauza numarului limitat de melodii la care aveam acces.

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Social Media:5 Sfaturi esentiale! Studiu de caz: Dumitru Oprea


Dupa un an de lucrat in Social Media am invatat cateva trucruri despre cum poti sa iti consolidezi prezenta in Online.

Unele sfaturi/sugestii sunt atat usor de intuit incat mi se pare ca oricine sa poata sa puna mana pe un calculator conectat la net si sa se integreze perfect in tot jocul online. Insa experienta m-a invatat ca de multe ori nu este asa.

Pentru ca de curand am dat din greaseala peste pagina de Facebook a lui Dumitru Oprea, m-am gandit sa va imparatsesc gandurile mele despre prezenta sa online si cateva sfaturi despre cum poate fi imbunatatita.

Sunt de apreciat primii pasi pe care i-a facut in aceatsa directie. Situatia actuala din cate am descoperit eu:

Partile bune pana acum:

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