FBI has a fully functional facial recognition system

I just read on The Verge that FBI finally got its new toy: a brand new facial recognition system.  The official name for this is Next Generation Identification (NGI) and it has been in the works for over 3 years according… or so they say. To be honest I think it was in the works for more but some didn’t know.  Or at least I hope. I can’t imagine that it only took 3 years to have this fully functional.

Anyway, I was thinking what would happen when the system will indicate a false positive, a doppelganger, or someone just looks like another person?

I mean, look at this poor fella. He is a Russian plumber that looks like House. I can totally see the system mistake one for the other.


Imagine you being the doppelganger of a fugitive. How will they treat you when the system will flag some unsuspecting cop he has a super dangerous fugitive on his hands?? I can only hope that they won’t use excessive force. It’s not like these things don’t happen you know.

On the other hand it we could see more cases like this one.

I’ll leave you with …


Featured photo by James Cridland